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The Wardley Wellbeing Hub is the central area for the ACTNow campaign.

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Being positive

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Being Positive
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Before you begin.
Before you begin.

Throughout this self-study module, remember:
• Participate fully
• Be open and honest with yourself
• Treat yourself with kindness and respect
• Be present
• Enjoy it!

Opening task
Before you start, take a minute or two to think about how you look at things in life. Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person?
We can learn to be positive.
We can’t stop negative thoughts, but we can learn how to turn them into a positive.

All it takes is a slight change of outlook to get out of the habit of negative thinking and see the bigger picture. Next time a negative thought arises, stop to examine the belief which is driving the thought and ask yourself, is it a rational or irrational?

Positive emotions.
Positive emotions can broaden our mind and build resourcefulness in ways that help us become more resilient to adversity.
Learning to be optimistic.
Optimism can be learned.

By making a conscious effort you can train yourself to be more positive about life. When faced with stressful situations, positive thinkers cope more effectively than pessimists.

Task: positive thinking
Next time you encounter a disappointment, focus on the things you can do to resolve the situation. Rather than dwelling on frustrations, devise a plan of action and ask others for advice.
Don't forget.
Don't forget.

If you actively take steps to change your perspective, you may naturally start to see more situations from an increased positive point of view. Write down three things each day that you are grateful for. This might be a challenge after a particularly difficult day but it's a good habit to get into.

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