What is the Wardley Wellbeing Hub?

The Wardley Wellbeing Hub is the central area for the ACTNow campaign.

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Introduction to five ways to wellbeing

Five Ways to Wellbeing
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An Introduction to
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Before you begin, remember to:

• Be honest and open with yourself
• Treat yourself with kindness and respect
• Be present
• Enjoy!

Wellbeing is individual.

Wellbeing means something different to each of us. Take a minute or two to make a mental note of how you are feeling both physically and emotionally.

Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Five key actions play an essential role in enhancing wellbeing. You could say they're your five a day.

• Connect
• Be Active
• Take Notice
• Keep Learning
• Give.


Being close to and being valued by other people is a fundamental human need and one that contributes to functioning well in the world.

ACT NOW: Take a moment to think of a friend, family, neighbour, or colleague you could take some time to connect with. Read our factsheets on connecting with others.

Be Active.

Regular physical activity makes us feel good. It releases endorphins and helps to disperse the adrenaline that builds up with stress. It is associated with a greater sense of wellbeing and lower rates of anxiety and depression across all age groups.

ACT Now: Why not sign-up to a free fitness app such as Runkeeper, an easy to use running, walking and hiking app with handy training plans for all levels? Have a look at our list of suggested apps.

Take Notice.

Being aware and attentive to what is taking place in the present can help you have a more positive outlook. Taking notice of the good things, even in difficult times, can take you away from past worries and concerns, and anxiety about the future. It allows you to enjoy the present. Read our factsheets on mindfulness.

Keep Learning.

Continued learning can enhance your self-esteem and encourage social interaction.

ACT NOW: Try setting a goal this week to discover something different or stretch your existing knowledge and skills. This could be cooking something new, taking up a new hobby or starting a DIY project.

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Helping others is associated with increased feelings of wellbeing. It may be through volunteering, donating to a charity or sponsoring a friend in a challenge.

ACT NOW: Whether it's a smile, a thank you or a kind word, why not take the time to give something extra to a stranger, friend or colleague this week?

Don't forget.

Imagine wellbeing as something that is fluid. It fills up and drains out.

ACT NOW: Write down three things each day that you are grateful for. It might be a challenge after a particularly difficult day but it's a good habit to get into.

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