What is the Wardley Wellbeing Hub?

The Wardley Wellbeing Hub is the central area for the ACTNow campaign.

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ACTNow Partners

Companies and organisations across the pharmacy sector have chosen to become ACTNow Partners in order to promote the ACTNow campaign and Wardley Wellbeing Hub, and champion the wellbeing of pharmacists and pharmacy students throughout the country.

ASDA Pharamcy


“Now more so, than ever before, it is important that pharmacists prioritise Mental and Physical wellbeing, at a time of crisis it is something that can easily be overlooked, whilst working to deliver the day job. I’m delighted to be partnering with Pharmacist Support, who have excelled in supporting so many pharmacists in a caring, compassionate and non-judgemental way”

– Faisal Tuddy, Superintendent Pharmacist 

British Pharmaceutical Students' Association

“We have been advocating for and representing pharmacy students and pre-registration pharmacists for 78 years. The most important thing for every single one of our members is that we promote and protect positive wellbeing, the best way to do that is by partnering with charities like Pharmacist Support and getting involved with fantastic campaigns such as ACTNow.”

– Regan McCahill, President


General Pharmaceutical Council


“We are pleased to be a partner of the Pharmacist Support ACTNow campaign which enables pharmacists, pharmacist pre-registration trainees and pharmacy students to access a range of resources to support their wellbeing during these difficult times. We know that pharmacy teams are working hard on the frontline, under significant pressure, to support the public and patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. We encourage pharmacists to use these resources to help look after their own wellbeing and to share these resources with their wider teams as well.”

– Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive

Pharmacy Complete

“We all have mental health and like many, I have experienced good and poor mental health throughout my life, just as my physical health has had ups and downs. As a Mental Health First Aider and MHFA instructor, I am passionate about providing support for pharmacists and their teams with mental wellbeing support and am completely aligned to Pharmacist Support’s ACTNow campaign. We are delighted to partner to raise awareness at this important and challenging time.”

– Deborah Evans FFRPS FRPharmS FRSPH, Managing Director


Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education


“CPPE has been proud to support the work of Pharmacist Support for many years and knows that right now people need to be more aware than ever of the need for active engagement with mental health and wellbeing. The demands on pharmacists and their services have never been higher, we continue to see people face to face and respond to acute health needs, concerns and worries. And it is easier than ever to fail to find time to care for ourselves. The work that Pharmacist Support is doing to encourage people to ACTNow and make the time for their own wellbeing is essential and we are pleased to partner in raising awareness of this.”

– Matthew Shaw, Director

Weldrick's Pharmacy

“At Weldrick’s we feel proud to work alongside Pharmacist Support to make Pharmacists and their wellbeing a priority. As a Pharmacist when you work to ensure others are cared for each day it is important to take time out to look after yourself and for me this partnership supports this for all of our Pharmacists.”

– Nicola Goodberry, Superintendent Pharmacist




“These are challenging times both for the pharmacy profession and the population as a whole, and Boots is keen to ensure there is support available for all pharmacists to help them manage the stresses faced. The company has been working with Pharmacist Support on a range of wellbeing projects for a number of years now and we’re delighted to be able to support them on this campaign.”

– Marc Donovan, Chief Pharmacist

Pharmacy Training Company

“Prioritising keeping well is rather like ensuring that you put on your oxygen mask first so that you can help others. Pre-reg tutors are a vital support for their trainees – role modelling how to keep themselves well, how to support others and taking action are key to building a strong, healthy profession.”

– Nicola Tyers PhD CMgr MRPharmS MCMI PGCTertT, Director


The Mental Wealth Academy


“As a pharmacist and someone who has suffered from ill mental health that crept up from stress at work, I know all too well how crucial it is that support is offered to pharmacists across the sector. When I needed help and support I felt that I had no one to turn to and so the ACTNow campaign and the Wellbeing Hub is a much needed resource. The Mental Wealth Academy exists to help pharmacists build their self leadership skills and healthy mental practices so that they are mentally ‘fitter’ and more resilient. Mental wealth and wellbeing is at the core of all of our coaching and training and we’re thrilled to be able to partner with Pharmacist Support on such a vital campaign.”

– Harpreet Chana, Founder & Director

Buttercups Training

“The wellbeing of Buttercups Training’s staff, learners and stakeholders is at the forefront of all we do.  Our mission is to help Buttercups learners employed in the healthcare sector achieve their potential and make a rewarding contribution to the health and wellbeing of their local communities and the success of their employers.

At Buttercups Training, supporting our learners’ mental health and wellbeing is key to us. Our team of pre-registration pharmacist tutors are all Pharmacist Support ambassadors and our head of professional development, Paul, is a trustee for the charity. We are delighted to partner with Pharmacist Support with the ACTNow campaign and have been privileged to support the charity with fundraising activities over the years.”

– Vanessa Kingsbury, Managing Director

Independent Community Pharmacist

“Good physical and mental health is hugely important for all of us if we are to lead enjoyable and productive lives. Pharmacist Support plays a crucial role in helping to ensure community pharmacists and their teams are healthy so they can serve their local communities effectively.”

– Neil Trainis, Editor

The Pharmacy Network

“The wellbeing of pharmacists and pharmacy team members is crucial, particularly during this demanding and challenging time. The Pharmacy Network is proud to support the ACTNow campaign to help promote this message to the thousands of hardworking and selfless pharmacists and teams.”

– Gemma Woodall, Managing Editor

Pharmacy Network News

“These are difficult times for the whole country but can be especially challenging for frontline health workers like pharmacy teams. It’s so important all pharmacy workers know that help is there if they need it, and that’s why we are delighted to partner with Pharmacist Support on this great initiative.”

– Arthur Walsh, Editor

P3 Pharmacy

“The pandemic lockdown has revealed the importance of community, but also at times its fragility. As a community of professionals, pharmacists are sharing experiences few could have anticipated or planned for, and it’s been an incredibly tough few months for front line staff, wherever in the profession they practise. Individuals can only “keep calm and carry on” for so long, and we’re therefore pleased to support the ACTNow campaign in helping to promote positive wellbeing across the pharmacy profession.”

– Rob Darracott, Editor

Pharmacy Magazine

“We are delighted to partner Pharmacist Support in its ACTNow campaign. These are difficult, stressful times for pharmacists and their teams – it has never been more important to take the necessary time to look after one’s mental health and wellbeing. Pharmacy Magazine in recent years has prioritised its coverage of mental health issues in pharmacy arising from workplace pressures. We look forward to helping to promote positive messages about achieving and maintaining good mental health and wellbeing in the profession.”

– Richard Thomas, Editor

The Pharmacy Show

“We are proud to partner with Pharmacist Support on the ACTNow campaign. Promoting positive wellbeing is of upmost importance to The Pharmacy Show – collaborating, supporting and uniting with each other, we can make a difference.”

– Garry Tyson, Event Director

Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

“Now more than ever, health professionals need to be able to talk about mental health and wellbeing. In the midst of a global pandemic all NHS service providers are under unprecedented pressure, and no sector more so than those working every day on the front line in community pharmacy. PSNC is pleased to support this to raise awareness of the importance of pharmacy teams looking after their own wellbeing. Pharmacists and their teams are going above and beyond to care for their patients, and we hope this campaign will also help them to think about their own health.”

– Simon Dukes, Chief Executive

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society

“We’ve worked with Pharmacist Support for many years, most recently on our Workforce Wellbeing campaign, and on managing the pressures and stresses of COVID-19. They provide a fantastic service to pharmacists and their families who need help and advice. Frontline pharmacists have shown extraordinary dedication during the pandemic, providing the best possible care for members of the public. But when you’re in that situation it’s easy to forget about your own welfare and risk burnout. We want all pharmacists to have the ability to manage their mental health and wellbeing, so the ACTNow campaign, with its practical approach and useful tools, is exactly what’s needed, now more than ever.”

– Ravi Sharma, Director for England

Chemist + Druggist

“We’re really pleased to get behind this campaign. The COVID-19 campaign has hit the country hard, but pharmacy teams have been instrumental in keeping healthcare in the community going. That extra burden has understandably been difficult for the sector to shoulder, which is why wellbeing is such an important issue at this time.”

– Beth Kennedy, Editor

The Pharmacist Cooperative

“We are proud and privileged to become an ACTNow Partner with Pharmacist Support to support their ACTNow campaign as they have done some great work supporting pharmacists over the years. Last year we helped fundraise and raise awareness of this fantastic charity through our charity bike ride from London to Amsterdam. As pharmacists, we at the Pharmacist Cooperative are well aware of the stress. We too believe the time to act is now to reduce the pressure on pharmacists and put health before wealth. Through our networks, we will ACTNow to encourage pharmacists to use the resources given on the Wardley Wellbeing Hub to help look after their own wellbeing, as well as the rest of the pharmacy team.”

– Tohidul Islam, CEO

If you and your organisation would like to become an ACTNow Partner and help us to promote awareness of the campaign, please get in touch with our Senior Marketing, Communications and Partnerships officer, Sarah Frangos, via email at sarah.frangos@pharmacistsupport.org.