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The Wardley Wellbeing Hub is the central area for the ACTNow campaign.

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Anxiety in pharmacy 

Work & study related anxiety

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to real or perceived danger. Some anxiety can be very useful, for example, anxiety concerning inaccurately dispensing a prescription may result in a pharmacist double-checking his or her work, or might lead to the setting up of a safeguarding system to help prevent dispensing errors. The natural response of anxiety becomes problematic when it is excessive and difficult to control and causes significant distress and impairment. 


At Pharmacist Support we are contacted by pharmacists whose anxiety has led them to re-check their work to the extent that prescriptions are not leaving the dispensary in a timely manner. 

Pharmacies should have standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place for checking prescriptions to try to ensure that the chances of errors are minimised. Pharmacists who want to create additional SOPs could seek help from: 

  • an organisation such as the NPA or Numark if their employer is a member 
  • the RPS’ guidance for members 
  • courses offered by the CPPE. 

Pre-registration trainees 

Most trainees have a good experience but we are contacted by some trainees reporting anxiety and work-related stress. Pharmacist Support can help in a number of ways, including arranging to speak to a Listening Friend, arranging for counselling support through our counselling partnership, or referring to a specialist employment adviser if needed. 

The pre-registration year is the culmination of many years of study and it is important that trainees try to make the most of their training and get as much information and support as possible throughout their training year. 

Trainees can contact Pharmacist Support by telephone on 0808 168 2233, or email info@pharmacistsupport.org 


Moving away from home to study is for many the beginning of a whole new stage in life. It may mean taking on new responsibilities that were previously held by parents and/or older siblings. For many students, starting university can be a stressful experience. Research commissioned by UniHealth, the UK’s first health and wellbeing messaging platform for university students, revealed that 82% of all respondents suffer from stress and anxiety and 45% have experienced depression. Only 25% of students said they would seek help with this, the other three quarters quoted reasons such as being too embarrassed, thinking it was a waste of time or not knowing where to find help. A third of students said that they would prefer to receive support via private messages on social media. 

Students who are struggling to find their feet at university might find the Unihealth messaging service helpful. This programme takes students through their first year, from preparation in August to exams in May. For further information, see the Unihealth website.

Most universities also offer support through a university Counselling Service. Students can receive counselling support through this service, or through their GP.

Pharmacist Support is also here to support students and can offer either a Listening Friend or counselling support via our counselling partnership.