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The Wardley Wellbeing Hub is the central area for the ACTNow campaign.

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Anxiety - talking through worries 

Talking to others can help

Anxiety is a condition that can close you off to others. Talking to people really can help. Often people are concerned about discussing their worries with family and friends. For some people, it can be much easier to speak to somebody else about issues such as anxiety. Here at Pharmacist Support we are able to offer funded counselling sessions and peer support to pharmacists, students, and trainees. You can find out more information about these services here. Additionally, here are some suggestions for organisations that offer a listening ear:

Listening Friends at Pharmacist Support 

Our Listening Friends are pharmacists who volunteer to offer a listening ear to pharmacists, trainees, and students who are experiencing difficulty relating to the workplace or their studies. This service provides callers with the opportunity to talk anonymously and in confidence to a pharmacist about any stresses they are facing in their work or studies. 

For further information, see the Pharmacist Support website, or call us on 0808 168 5133. 

Anxiety UK 

Anxiety UK is a national charity offering support to those affected by anxiety disorders. Call their helpline on 03444 775 774, or contact them via live chat. For further information, see the Anxiety UK website. 


Mind provide advice and support to anybody who is living with a mental health condition. The services it offers include talking therapies and peer support. Call their helpline on 0300 123 3393, or contact them via live chat. For further information, see the Mind website. 

No Panic 

No Panic is a charity which helps people who suffer from panic attacks and other anxiety related disorders. The services they offer include advice and support including help for people coming off tranquillisers, step-by-step written recovery programmes and self-help cognitive behaviour therapy. For further information, call their helpline on 0844 967 4848 or see the No Panic website. 

Talking Therapy 

The term ‘talking therapy’ covers all the psychological therapies that involve a person talking to a counsellor or therapist about their problems. According to the NHS, for some problems and conditions, one type of talking therapy may be better than another. Equally, different talking therapies also suit different people. Here are Pharmacist Support we are able to support pharmacists, trainees, and students with six sessions of funded counselling. For further information about how to access counselling through us, you can follow the link here. 

For further information on talking therapy, see the NHS Choices website.