What is the Wardley Wellbeing Hub?

The Wardley Wellbeing Hub is the central area for the ACTNow campaign.

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Wellbeing – Implementing the 5 ways to wellbeing

Useful organisations that can help you implement the five steps

Below is a list of useful organisations that can help people to implement the five steps to wellbeing.

Making connections

The Big Lunch

The Big Lunch is a very simple idea from the Eden project. The aim is get as many people as possible from across the UK to have lunch with their neighbours annually. For further information, see The Big Lunch website.

The Street Party Site

The Street Party Site is a not-for-profit group who promote street parties and run Street Party. They help people to organise local neighbourhood events and build community spirit. For further information, see the Street Party website.

Happy Café Network

Action for Happiness supporters have started to create Happy Cafés in their local communities. For further information, including details on how to find a local Happy Café, see the Action for Happiness website.

Being Active

BBC Sport Get Inspired

The BBC has compiled an A-Z guide of more than seventy different activities complete with helpful tips and links. For further inspiration, see the BBC Sport Get Inspired website.

NHS choices

The NHS choices website has a range of information on exercise designed to help people to get started. For further details, see the NHS choices website.

Take notice

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation website contains useful tips on how to look after your mental health using mindfulness. For further information, see the Mental Health Foundation website.

Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness Exercises offers a range of 700 free exercises that you can use to help improve your mindfulness. For further information, see the Mindfulness Exercises website.

Keep learning


The Hotcourses website allows you to search a wide range of courses, including courses for fun, hobbies and degrees. For further details, see the Hotcourses website.

Open College of the Arts (OCA)

The OCA is a non-profit educational charity offering a wide variety of distance learning courses. Options include painting, drawing, photography, art history and film. There are no entry qualifications or fixed enrolment dates making it easier to fit your studies around your life. For further information, see the OCA website.


Community Services Volunteers (CSV)

CSV offers many volunteering opportunities. For further information, including what volunteering opportunities are available in your local website, see the CSV website.


Many charities require trustees to help with the running of their organisations. The work is almost always unpaid, however ordinarily reasonable expenses are reimbursed. For further information, see the government website.

Organisations such as the Do-It trustee finder tool, and the charity press can help you to search for a role as a trustee.